BaklavaBaklava is the Turks’ most important contribution to the world of desserts. It is made with flaky phyllo dough, layered with a pistachio or cinnamon-spiced walnut filling, and bathed in sweet syrup. It is crunchy, rich and very sweet. Well made baklava practically melts in your mouth and finishes with a crave for another one.

The best baklava is made in south-eastern Turkey, especially in Gaziantep -city famous for kebabs and pistachio related desserts. You may not easily find authentic Gaziantep baklava in western cities. I’d recommend you to try several alternatives, but “G├╝ll├╝o─člu” in Karak├Ây ─░stanbul would be the best shot. Also “Mado” -a widespread chain of caf├ęs- would worth a try.