Visiting-Turkey is not an encyclopedic site that provides basic information about Turkey. And neither is a commercial site for marketing. It provides personal comments on Turkey in general, cities, places, to do’s and don’ts. Needing such information from a local resident before visiting a foregin country, I know the value of such information; that is why I decided to write them down for the ones planning to visit Turkey.

Most of the content is based on personal comments, so you may want to know about me and my life style in order to judge on the validity of my comments and advices, if they fit you or not:

I am a 40 years old, male Turkish citizen; married, with no children. I was born and grown up in Ankara -the capital city-, and have been living in Istanbul since 2002. I am a Civil Engineer and Ocean Engineer, MS; but I had worked as a software developer in a major bank since I graduated. Now I am a partner of a software development company, and a keyboardist in a rock band. I like watching and reading Sci-Fi, history, politics, philosophy, comics; playing tennis, squash and watching soccer games. I am a member of some charity and fraternity organizations. And a little about life choices; I generally prefer decent locations to live, stay, eat, etc; whereas I have some unknown cozy places for small getaways.

I have been to most of the major cities in Europe. I also stayed in San Francisco for three months, and travelled in California and New York for another month. My favorite city by far is San Francisco. Then comes London and Barcelona. This year, I’m planning a motorcycle tour in Europe, and Georgia.

Main purpose of travelling abroad for me is to learn about different cultures. This is why I like to plan trips myself, rather than joining a tour; and stay close to city center as much as possible, use public transports and interact with local people.

I’ll be more than happy to help the planners or visitors, so please feel free to contact me on anything you wonder about Turkey.

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